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Cheers To The New Year! It's Time To Set New Goals

Try A New Adventure Sport

StorQuest Ambassador Inspo: Abe Kislevitz | Sr. Creative Director, Go Pro & Outdoor Adventure Enthusiast

Learning a new adventure sport injects excitement into life—pushing boundaries while promoting a sense of accomplishment. So why not try a few adrenaline-seeking sports like hang gliding, bungee jumping, and heli-skiing are some options. But if you’d like to stay closer to the ground, explore trekking, gravity mountain biking, or zorbing.


Plan More Adventure Travel

StorQuest Ambassador Inspo: Jordan Kahana | Full-Time Traveler and Adventure Squad Pack Leader

Tap into your wanderlust and start planning an epic trip. Whether traveling across America in your van, hiking Milford Sound in New Zealand, or camping in Banff National Park, the world is your oyster! In other words, you can achieve anything you wish in life or go anywhere with planning and perseverance. So, gear up to embrace adventure and curiosity about the world in 2024.


Learn How To Surf

StorQuest Ambassador Inspo: Kelly Slater | Professional Surfer

If you already love the outdoors, let 2024 be the year you embrace the challenge of surfing. Yes, it will take determination, and no, you probably won't reach icon status like our pro ambassador, Kelly Slater. However, as you learn to navigate the waves, you will surely get a rush from the exhilarating fusion of sea and surfboard. Plan for plenty of wipeouts, but let them fuel your determination.


Get Involved With My Community in 2024

StorQuest Ambassador Inspo: Ruben Rojas | Lifestyle Artist, Activist, & Speaker

Taking the opportunity to volunteer can be a transformative journey, offering the chance to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Supporting local businesses and contributing to local nonprofits creates community. The New Year is an excellent time to start building lasting friendships and discover your potential to positively impact the world.


Take An Outdoor Photography Class in 2024

Discover life through a new lens with outdoor photography lessons. You can learn to harness natural light, frame stunning landscapes, and how to shoot action sports. Capture your adventures through photography, and you’ll have a lifetime of memories to share for generations to come.


Spend A Week Traveling The Hawaiian Islands

Start dreaming of lush hikes, volcanic landscapes, and swimming in pristine waves as you add a trip to Hawaii to your 2024 goals. Kauai's North Shore is home to a 17-mile stretch of magnificent coastline. It is accessible only by boat, air, or a challenging hike (this one’s for you!). Or step back in time on the Hawaiian island of Molokaʻi, which is less developed than the other five inhabited islands.

No matter your style, setting goals can make a tangible and positive impact in the upcoming year when you dare to dream. Best of luck with your goal setting and Happy New Year!


#MakeRoomforAwesome With StorQuest

StorQuest can help you find the right-sized unit with awesome features to store adventure sports gear like kayaks, skis, surfboards, rope climbing equipment, mountain bikes, and even your Van or RV when it needs a break. Our conveniently located storage centers are designed to meet you wherever you are on your journey.

We’d love to hear about your plans for the New Year and help you find the best storage solution to reach your goals in 2024!

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