Quality moving truck rental in Columbia, MO

Rest easy knowing your belongings are safe with us
Northwest Self Storage guarantees a safe storeroom, truck rental(Columbia only) and excellent service in Columbia and Moberly, MO. There are a wide range of precautions and checks we undertake to be sure we can keep your belongings safe.
We are so confident in our systems, procedures and our people that we guarantee it!
security guard calling truck rental in Columbia, MO


We assure the integrity of our truck rental, staff, procedures, systems and equipment. We provide a safe storeroom in Columbia and Moberly. We always pay attention to detail, from blown lights, camera movements to unannounced visitors. Nothing gets past our team.
man carrying boxes from truck rental to storage in Columbia, MO

Building integrity

When you drive up to Northwest Self Storage, know that we guarantee the integrity of all our security structures. We regularly check areas that can be prone to wear and are constantly on the lookout for any possible structural issues. A safe storeroom in Columbia means peace of mind wherever you are.
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